Nero BurnLite: The Most Popular Free Disc Burner Software

For computer users who want to burn data into CD, DVD or Blu-ray disc, you must be familiar with Nero. Nero is the most popular disc burner software today. Unfortunately, Nero Platinum isn’t free. You have to pay $109 to get this disc burner software.


For you who want to enjoy Nero toughness in burning data, but you don’t want to pay such huge price, there’s free version from Nero you can use: Nero BurnLite 10.

Nero BurnLite 10 is a free version from Nero Platinum which has complete basic burning features. You can do burning, ripping, and copying easily. Besides, Nero BurnLite 10 has been equipped with Nero Kwik Media consisted of various tools, such as:

1. “Nero Kwik Move it” to move content from your PC to mobile device
2. “Nero Kwik Blu-ray” to play Blu-ray movie with audio DTS Sound quality
3. “Nero Kwik Play” to send MP3 and video you wanted
4. “Nero Kwik Faces” to find and do tagging in photo according to face
5. “Nero Kwik DVD” for burning and watching commercial DVD in your PC.

Besides, it’s also given Nero Kwik Themes to make slideshow with attractive qualified background theme. Interesting, isn’t it? You can download Nero BurnLite 10 here.

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