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When deciding on what type of software you want for creating and burning discs, there are a lot of options out there. No matter what though it is likely that you want the most bang for your buck. One of the best new software options on the market right now has to be the Roxio Creator 2012 Pro. Check out the demo here, or keep reading for more information about it.

Whatever you love to do, you will be able to use Roxio Creator 2012 Pro to do it. Audio, composition, videos, effects, and much more are easily managed, edited, and created with the software. In fact at many colleges and universities across the United States this is the software being used in Arts and Applied Arts departments. The Studio Arts Professor, James Urlacker from University of Alabama said of the software, “The ease of use and compatibility makes this version of Roxio Creator the essential tool for students looking to create videos, music, and more.” Urlacker could not be more accurate.

The audio tools can simply clean up audio files and LPs by taking out the undesired noise in the background. On top of keeping tracks clean, the SmartSound Sonicfire ® will allow you compose music soundtracks. You could even choose from well over one hundred audio tracks for videos and slideshows. It does not stop at audio.

The video effects can help you to create some of the most interesting videos imaginable and better yet those you edit can be burned to a high-quality DivX video. Most of all of your older video files can also be converted to this type of file so you are able to watch it from virtually anywhere, like DVD players, mobile phones, and PlayStation 3.  How does that sound to you?

On top of having all sorts of features and tools to use in your audio and visual efforts, the BackOnTrack system offered along with the Roxio Creator 2012 Pro keeps your system armed and ready in the event of a disaster that could potentially harm all of your hard work.  The real-time protection system can keep all of your important files safe from harmful system virus attacks, websites, and even user errors and mistakes.

If you are ready to invest in new software for your editing and composing, then take the time to look at all of your options, but just know that Roxio Creator 2012 is top of the line.


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  1. Draco says:

    The Panasonic SDR-H18 is a hard drive based camcorder. You connect using USB. You do not import like you do with a miniDV tape based camcorder. When you connect the camcorder, you should be able to see the drive in My Computer if you can’t go to to the support area for your camcorder and get the driver downloads. Just treat the camcorder like any other USB memory device. You copy the files from the hard drive to your computer, then you bring them into your editor.I suggest you read the manual. In the box the camcorder came in, there should have been a CD with some utilities. I *think* that camcorder saves the video files as .mod files and you need to convert them to an MPEG2 file type your editors can understand.You will also need a BUNCH of blank DVDs so you can archive the files you just copied to the computer. If you do not copy those file to something, when you are done with the project and burn the finished project to DVD or save as an uploadable file, your next step is to delete the files from your computer. Also, you will delete the files from the camcorder because you need to make room for your next project. That means the original files are gone forever and all you have is a DVD (make multiple copies if one gets scratched and cannot be used, you have another to make a copy) or a very low resolution uploadable file which, if you burn a DVD for playback on a normal DVD player, it will look terrible.If you had a miniDV tape based camcorder, you would have better video quality than the compressed MPEG2 video and you would have an automatic archive (the tape is the archive).

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