How to Burn More than 2GB File into CD – Part 1

In a case example, a person want to burn some files with 2 GB capacity into CD or DVD, while in computer he used, there’s only CD-RW available to burn into CD. The problem is, maximum capacity of one CD disc is 700MB which surely cannot save all files to be burned.

The question is, how is the best way to make all files to be burned into blank CD disc? Here is some solutions to be used.

Make File Partition Manually

It’s a traditional way, by selecting and splitting the files into some folders. Collect the file/folder one by one, copy to another folder and make sure the file/folder group wouldn’t be more than 700MB, so it can be burned into CD. If file and folder with 2 GB capacity, it means that it should be split into three parts.

How to Burn More than 2GB File into CD – Part 1

After that, you can burn the file into CD disc using CD-RW alternately. What you need to be noted, when copy it to your other computer, you should remember the file structures to be read well, especially if the file is master program which will be installed.

Another problem is, how is the original file, one file is more than 700MB? It’s impossible to divide it into some parts? Is there a solution? Wait for the tips in Article part 2

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