How to Burn More than 2GB File into CD – Part 2

Previously, I have shared tips to burn file more than 2 GB into CD by splitting file manually. However, it won’t be possible if the original file has more than 700MB size. What’s the solution?

Split file Using 7Zip Application

How to Burn More than 2GB File into CD – Part 2

It can be said as the best way to split file and folder into some parts. Below this, there are steps to split file into some parts:

1. Install 7Zip application into your computer/notebook. If you don’t have it yet, visit 7zip official website in then download file with EXE form (to make installing process easier).

2. Open folder where the file will be split.

3. right-click on the file, select 7Zip and continue by selecting Add to archive in sub menu part.

4. Next, direct your mouse a little bit lower and in Split to volumes part, select 700 MB CD. Now do compress process by pressing OK button.

5. Wait until the process done. You’ll see some file as result of ZIP split file.

6. Then, return to main topic, burn the 700 MB capacity file into some CD disc using your favorite burning software.

It’s done, the file which previously sized more than 2 GB can be burned into CD disc. If you want to copy and extract the file in other computer, follow the guidance below:

1. Same as previously, install 7Zip application first.

2. Copy all files from some CD discs into the same folder.

3. Extract the file using common way, which is right click on the first ZIP file, select Extract file to folder you decided. It should be remembered, if you place the extracting file to different folder, you won’t be able to extract the file and receive error message.

It’s true the way is impractical compared by Flash Disk usage, but it can be used in emergency condition and there’s no other media to be used for data transfer.

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